Setting Career Goals

If you've been contemplating a major new career, just know that you're not alone. As a matter of fact, a lot of people are unhappy with their current job, and are searching for a new start. For some, this might mean it's time to thing about going back to school. For others, a career transition could be as easy as sending out their resume.

Making the decision to search for a new career can be one of the most challenging and thrilling times in a person's life. This might be your chance to explore new career avenues, find fulfilling work that inspires you, realize a personal vision, make more money, or maybe even benefit others along the way. You might be seeking to launch a new business venture, go back to school to get an advanced degree or learn a new trade, or move into an exciting new career path that's always interested you.

Before making a major career change, always take time for a little self-assessment. Take stock of your skills, values, likes, dislikes, and new career goals. You might be able to enter a new field using the same knowledge base you already possess.

A good start is by daily and weekly goals. For example, exactly how many phone calls to potential employers will you make on a daily basis? Will you be mailing out 10 resume packages every day? And how many hours to you plan to spend job hunting every day?

The first place to start when goal setting is to identify your career ambitions, then write them down. This provides you with a guide to follow when you set your career goals. Having a written set of career goals will give you a finish line to aim for.

Success comes to those who set career goals. Once you've a written goal in place, a mental picture of that result forms in your mind, and you begin working toward it. With your goals in mind, all that's needed is to set aside the time and put forth the effort needed to reach those goals.

It goes without saying that life and work are a lot better when you're working at a job you truly enjoy. You just need to believe that it's possible to find a career that you love, and then commit to whatever education or develoment is necessary to get there. The rewards will be with you for years and even decades to come.

When you keep moving, career success usually comes much more quickly. And one way to keep moving is by taking small but significant steps each day. Those seemingly small but significant steps will lead you ever closer to finding that dream career you've been searching for.





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