Top Jobs Working With Animals

So what are the top jobs working with animals? That’s sort of a trick question, as it really depends on what you’re skills and aptitudes are, and what type of work you’re interested in doing.

For example, working in an animal shelter might be the first choice for one person, but another would find the work too difficult due to the fact that so many animal shelters have to euthanize pets due to overcrowding. Or if you’re not comfortable with the idea of cutting into an animal, a career as a veterinary surgeon probably won’t appeal to you.

But don’t get discouraged. There are plenty of other options, and lots of jobs working with animals that will allow you to spend your works days surrounded by animals, while still earning a good living. Be aware that some animal-related jobs aren’t high-paying, but don’t discount the benefits of working at a job that you love doing.

Some of the following jobs are pet-related businesses that you can start with little or no formal training. Others are more technical, and will require at least a four-year college degree to get started. Some are even volunteer positions that don’t require any training, but can be valuable ways to get experience in the animal care field. So there are a lot of options available, no matter what your education or skill level.


Here then are some of our top jobs working with animals:


And there you have it. Our top jobs working with animals, although there are certainly a lot more we left off the list. This is a growing career field that has many options for the animal lover, animal trainer, or anyone interested in caring for pets and other animals.



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