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If you've been contemplating a major new job, just know that you're not alone. And in today’s tough economy, there are a lot of people searching for jobs through no fault of their own. Some jobs have gone away completely, or been outsourced overseas, never to return.

For other people, they’re looking for a new career out of choice. It’s a known fact that many workers are unsatisfied with their current job or career, and want to make a change. For some, it may be necessary to go back to school. For others, the new career transformation can be as simple as changing firms.

But you need to be adaptable. In today's ever-changing job market, the job searching skills you may have learned in school simply don't apply any more. From the interview to the resume, the rules have changed. For example, never ask an interviewer something that you could have found on the company's website, and avoid putting any kind of "objective statement" on your resume.

Also look for a new career that you’ll find interesting and rewarding. It’s safe to say that most workers don't last very long in careers that they dread. Career planning should involve a self-assessment and deciding what you like and don't like in a job. See a career advisor or take an online test that will help you to determine your personality and jobs that will be a good match for you.

Career planning is a great way to prepare for what the future has to offer you. Instead of doing all of your serious career planning while in college or trade school, you should make it an ongoing part of your working life. That way you'll already have a solid plan in place if something happens and you find yourself searching for a new job.

Then consider looking online for your next job or career. An online job search on one of the big sites like can save you a lot of leg work, and open up possibilities you would never find in the classifieds or through the grapevine.

Researching companies that you could see yourself working for is another important step in finding a new job or career. Scan the company's website for information, and to see what type of positions they may be hiring for. Another idea is to see if you can set up a short meeting with someone in the department you'd like to work in, and get some information about the company and the available jobs.

When filling out an online job application, do it in a way that causes it to stand out and really grab the prospective employer's attention. Always remember, the application is basically just a job interview. You want to project yourself as intelligent, bright, and just the right person for the position.



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