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If you've been thinking about changing careers, you've got a lot of company. In fact, many people are disappointed with their jobs and want to make a change. For some, this might mean a go back to school. For others, a new career path could be as simple as networking with a new group of people.

Making the choice to search for a new career can be one of the most challenging and meaningful times in a person's life. You embrace to the possibility of doing something you've always wanted to do, fulfilling your personal vision, helping others, increasing your income, or any combination of these or other benefits. You might be seeking to launch a new business venture, go back to school to get an advanced degree or learn a new trade, or move into an exciting new career path that's always interested you.

You might think it's pointless to go around gathering up job applications before you've even decided on the type of job to pursue, but it's often one of the most effective ways of finding the the best job for you. By driving around gathering up job applications, you put yourself out into the community where you can network and find out who's hiring new employees and what skills they're looking for. Sometimes finding that next job is as simple as going out every day and gathering up as many applications as you can get your hands on.

Your strategy when job hunting should be to apply to 4 or 5 jobs per day. And you should always keep a list of all the contacts you make in the process of job hunting. Always be truthful when job hunting, and let your prospective employer know about your skills, education, and professional experience.

It might seem a little pointless to pick up job applications before you even decide what kind of job to pursue, but trust me, it is an effective way to find a great job. The thing about gathering up job applications is that it gets you out into your community and helps you locate the companies that are hiring new employees. So look to grab an application or two whenever you go out as a proactive way of finding that new job.

In your daily job hunting plan don't forget how vital the telephone can be for finding job leads and meeting the right people. Work hard at developing a 20-30 second "elevator speech" that highlights your unique selling proposition. If there's nothing currently available, you should still make it a point to ask for a referral. Effective use of the telephone can be very productive in chasing down job leads and new new career opportunities.

Career advancement comes to those who keep moving. Commit yourself to taking small but meaningful steps every day in the direction of your goals. These small but meaningful steps now lead you to finding that dream career in the future.

Many times we're forced into career choices that don't allow us the luxury of considering all of our options carefully. Is your career path at a crossroads? A major career move is too important not to take your time and contemplate all your options. An informed decision always takes into account your career, your personality, and your family.



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