Best Colleges For Zoology

What are the best colleges for zoology? A lot of it depends on where you are at the moment.

If you’re an undergraduate, the question is somewhat irrelevant, as the prep courses you will need are available at almost any college.

On the graduate level, this question can again be a little hard to pin down, because you’ll most likely be specializing in one of the taxonomic groups or areas such as phsiology, embryology, etc.

Unfortunatly, the trend these days is away from zoology programs, and so the best colleges for zoology is becoming a shorter and shorter list. Most programs have been either eliminated entirely, or merged into biology programs.

If you’re searching for a good school, and your heart is set on becoming a zoologist, you might start by finding a solid ecology program in your area of interest. Another option is to look at marine science programs, as many of them offer invertebrate zoology as well.

You’d better plan on getting a PhD if you plan on a serious career in zoology. While it is possible (and sometimes easier) to break into the field with just an MS degree, your chances are much better with a PhD.

Having a PhD will give you a lot more career flexibility going foward, and open a lot of doors that might otherwise be closed to you. And it goes without saying that it will have a positive effect on you earning potential as well, now and all the way through to retirement.


List of Best Colleges For Zoology


Which brings us back to the question of what’s best college for zoology. There are several major schools that are know for zoology - Colorado State, Michigan State, and Auburn being just a few.

Conventional wisdom is that you should look to major in biology as an undergraduate, rather than specialize. Biology provides a great foundation, as a knowledge of botany, genetics and biochemistry are all essential to becoming a zoologist. Another smart choice is to seek out colleges that have biology programs that are strong in more than one area - Stanford and Duke are two prime examples.

The following is an admittedly incomplete (and always changing) list of a few of the best colleges for zoology:

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts
Assumption College, Massachusetts
Hood College, Maryland
Lehigh University, Pennsylvania
Michigan State University
University of the Sciences in Philadephpia
Colorado State University
U of Texas at Arlington
U of Alabama at Birmingham
Occidental College, California
Ohio Wesleyan University
Ohio University
Washington State University
University of Wisconsin Madison
North Carolina State
SUNY Coll Environmental Sci and Forestry
Texas A&M
U Maryland College Park




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